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The Advantages of Assisted Living Facility

Are you feeling the stress of living alone in the company of a caregiver and seeing less of family and friends? May be its time to change your way of life, accept your consequences and explore other options of senior care. The kind of care appropriate for you depends on your physical and mental health as well as your financial ability.

If you’re not suffering from any serious health problems that require medical attention but concerns only assistance on the activities of daily living (ADL) referred to as bathing, dressing eating, transferring from one place to another, walking and medication management, then assisted living facility may be the perfect  choice for your senior care.

Assisted living facilities accommodate a large percentage of today’s older population. They provide services to seniors who can’t live independently on their own but are healthier for nursing homes. These facilities provide numerous advantages seniors can enjoy, which are often overlooked by skeptics and conservative elders.

Enjoy independence while assisted

In assisted living facilities, you have the privilege to go out and come back as you wish. Most facilities have transportation service scheduled for the residents, so you can go shopping, eat out, visit your family, friends and relatives, travel or simply go for a walk.

Enjoy various options for socialization and entertainment

Most assisted living facilities have common areas where interaction and socialization with other elders are possible. There are different recreational activities, clubs, entertainment programs and organized trips that you can enjoy while socializing with others.

Take part in exercise and wellness programs

At home, basically you’re used to sitting and less mobility because you’re on your own and nobody’s urging you to move about and work out. Inside the facility, the program itself encourages the elders to engage in physical activities and exercise to keep you physically fit and mentally sound.

Enjoy freedom from housekeeping, meal planning and laundry

Part of the services offered by assisted living facilities is taking care of the cleaning of the house including laundry so you’re free from the chores you’ve been doing most of your life. Unlike in homes where daily preparation of meals is in itself taxing, you can enjoy nutritious meals three times a day in this type of living accommodation.

Enjoy 24 hours support and easy access to health care

You can take advantage of professional and personalized care provided by the facility including round-the-clock security.  If anything wrong happens, help is just a call away and there’s a ready prompt medical attention. Links to hospital and other medical institutions are already established in case you need serious medical support.

If there’s one drawback of assisted living facility, it’s probably the cost. But the intangible benefits the facility provide you and your family outweigh the disadvantage of price. It will give you the benefit of enjoying various amenities within one facility and gives your family piece of mind and relief from the burden of care giving.