Committed to
Helping Seniors
in Need

Stepping Up For Seniors provides assistance to
low-income seniors facing a crisis or hardship.
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Stepping Up For Seniors

Focused on Making
A Difference

At SUFS, we’re helping low-income seniors overcome challenges caused by poverty, isolation, and medical conditions. We’re committed to helping seniors who require care, but who lack the family support or financial resources to get the help they need.

How SUFS works

How SUFS works

We review each request for assistance on a case-by-case basis. Based on the specific needs of the senior, assistance may be provided in the form of:

Medical Assistance

essential services, equipment, supplies

Basic Needs & Transportation

utilities, rent, property taxes, etc.

Home Care Support

the care you or your loved one needs


professional advice or counsel

Fighting Loneliness

programs to combat isolation and loneliness

and, more

whatever you need, we’re here for you

Why You Should Care

12.6% of seniors in the US are regularly affected by food insecurity

Nearly 6 million seniors across the US are struggling to make ends meet

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In 2022, 10.3% of seniors in the US live below the poverty line

Older women are more likely to live in poverty than older men

Project Pen Pal

Help us break down barriers of isolation and loneliness by connecting with a low-income senior through our Pen Pal Program.

Project Pen Pal
Its up to all of us!

Its up to all of us!

Many of our seniors are badly in need of care and medical resources. A lot of them are being mistreated. We need to step up and do something about it.

Know Someone Who Needs Help?

Apply for assistance or contact us to find out how you can help impact and improve the life of someone you care for.